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For the establishment of the product and service quality supervision mechanism, ensure the effective use of the products, with excellent products and quality service for the customer, the customer service is our duty, tracking the quality of service is our duty. The company to the customer to make the following commitments: first, quality policy: people-oriented, scientific management, the pursuit of quality, integrity services. Two quality objectives: 100% qualified products, customer service satisfaction 100%.

Three, product manufacturing standards and quality assurance: the company's products in strict accordance with the national standards, industry standards organization of production, customers have special requirements according to customer requirements of production. 1, pre-sales: customer calls, letters, visits warm and thoughtful service, technical problems raised by customers to help to solve the serious answer, when customers request that can send professional and technical personnel to the construction site to assist the investigation with cable environment and cable selection, installation. 2, sale: during production, we can invite relevant personnel to production and inspection of products can be made in prison, the product structure and related data and the working principle of the main inspection and provide. The product is completed in the factory, to ensure strict accordance with the contract requirements, quality, quantity, delivery on time. Can provide relevant inspection standards for customer confirmation. 3, customer service: to cooperate with customers further Good customer service service products, maintenance and other service work, my company to the customer on this solemn promise: (1) the performance of the products are in conformity with the provisions of the national standard and the top standard. (2) after the arrival of the product, customer acceptance process, such as the emergence of non conformity with the contract requirements, will respond to treatment in 8 hours after receiving customer notice. (3) the company's products provide twelve months warranty time, from the engineering acceptance date calculation, according to the requirements, also sent technical personnel to give free technical guidance and assistance. A special customer service, service agencies. Responsible for handling customer quality complaints and other services, for each user to electricity, to seek advice, if received customer complaints, ensure the reply within 8 hours, such as the need of on-site service, rushed to the scene within 24 hours, and make sure Customer satisfaction. (4) in the correct installation, use condition of equipment put into operation, all kinds of quality problems, such as is the quality problem, the company will be responsible in the end and free replacement and repair. (5) guarantee period, the company will ensure good customer service work for the company provide technical service will be arrived at the scene within 24 hours of receipt of the notice, and to provide free services to more products, the company will promptly organize production, and provide the most preferential price to customers.

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