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Coal chemical industry

Coal chemical coal as raw material, through chemical processing coal into gas, liquid and solid products or semi products, and then further processed into chemical, energy products process.

Mainly including coal gasification, liquefaction, carbonization, and tar processing and calcium carbide acetylene chemical etc. with the world oil resources are decreasing, coal chemical industry has a broad prospect.

Coking is the earliest technology used in coal chemical industry, and it is still an important part of the chemical industry.

Coal gasification plays an important role in the coal chemical industry, for the production of all kinds of fuel gas, clean energy, is conducive to the improvement of people's living standards and environmental protection; synthesis gas production is the synthesis of liquid fuel, chemical raw materials and other raw materials.

The direct liquefaction of coal, the high pressure hydrogenation of coal liquefaction, can produce synthetic petroleum and chemical products. In the shortage of oil, coal liquefaction products will replace the natural oil.

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